Admission Exam

Short Description

Customers who attend a training have high expectations and want to be sure to have a trainer who is experienced and knowledgeable both in the software but also with practical hands-on projects. With PTV's certification, you are able to document that you are just that: an industry expert with strong teaching skills who can share your knowledge with beginners and professionals alike.

The admission exam is to help you decide if participating in the PTV Certified Trainer Course is for you and to identify areas in the use of PTVs mobility solutions that you may want to practice further.

But no worries, the exam can be done from home or any place you feel comfortable and you will get plenty of time to focus on the tasks. Of course, you also get to choose which of PTV's solutions you like to get tested in. PTV's Product Training departement will send you a set of prepared tasks that you can do on your own and return to us in the given time, usually 2 working days. Our master trainers will then evaluate your exam and give you feedback. Once passed, your admission is valid for 12 months in which you can register to any of the offered PTV Certified Trainer Courses that suit you best. And in case, you should not pass, the feedback of our trainers will help you to prepare for a later re-exam or to find a training course that helps you fill the gaps.

The admission exam is both, for us to get to know you, but more importantly, for you to feel comfortable that you can master the PTV Certified Trainer Course and giving trainings to a group, before you take the next step and sign up to our course.

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Course Level


Target Group

Industry professionals who built up a broad experience in their field from project work or other practical use.


Strong knowledge of one or more of PTV's mobility solutions, beyond basic level, are required.
A genuin interest in knowledge sharing, previous teaching experience is a bonus.

English at an intermediate communication level is required to follow the instructions of the exam and to participate in a later PTV Certified Trainer Course.


Approximately 1 - 1,5 hours


Typical tasks a user has to master in the respective software solution. It can be all from very basic first steps to a bit more advanced modelling excercises. During the exam you will have to answer a few questions and also demonstrate your knowledge in the software itself, while recording your steps so our trainers can evaluate it later.