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    If you have to model larger networks, it might be time-consuming and sometimes even difficult to enter the routes because the route choice depends on the signal control and traffic situation. Moreover, it might vary from scenario to scenario. The purpose of this course is to show you how dynamic assignment can assist you in solving this task efficiently. In addition to network preparation and dynamic assignment, you will learn more about further fields of application based on examples.

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  • Target Group

    This course addresses to experienced PTV Vissim users from all disciplines.

  • Duration

    1 Day

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

  • Contents

    • Typical fields of application for dynamic assignment and mesoscopic simulations
    • Preparation of the simulation network, including parking lots, nodes and edges
    • Demand modelling with matrices
    • Path search model and destination choice model
    • Convergence
    • Mesoscopic fundamentals
    • Combining a micro- and mesoscopic simulation in a hybrid simulation
    • Evaluation of simulation results
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