• With our Academic Exercises for Students, PTV offers training courses specifically designed for students. In half day sessions we guide you through PTV's mobility solutions and answer questions from a students perspective. Use the opportunity to get hands-on tips and benefit from our experienced training experts.

    Please register your interest using the form below. The seats are limited and we expect the courses to be overbooked, we will notify you with the required details to join the training if your application has been accepted a week before the course start. In case of overbooking, you will be notified and we place you on a waiting list. For application, use your valid student email address. Gmail or the like cannot be accepted.

    A certificate of participation is provided after the completed course. So please make sure to state your full name and email address on the registration form. Changes after the certificate is issued cannot be accepted.

    You are no longer studying but would like to refresh your knowledge of PTVs mobility solutions? See our courses and check our calendar for our complete training programme.

  • In which languages are the Academic Exercises taught?
    • Currently we only offer the Academic Exercise Courses in English.

  • What are the costs to particiapte in the Academic Exercise for Students?
    • The Academic Exercise for Students are free of charge for students. For this reason, we ask you to provide us some proof of enrolment when registering.

  • Why do I need to provide a proof of enrolment?
    • These courses are specifically designed to guide students with relevant academic background through our PTV software. They give an insight into the basics of PTVs mobility solutions but require that you have relevant academic experience from the traffic engineering field and ideally have used the software in question before. Even if it is at a very basic level.

      With your proof of enrolment, we want to make sure that you are a student and have experience from the relevant subjects.

  • What experience/knowledge do I need to attend the Academic Exercise?
    • Any student who studies at a relevant programme/course and have attended at least one course related to Transportation can register. You should know the basics of transport modelling.

  • I am a professor/lecturer and am interested in the Academic Exercises
    • We are really eager to also hear from professors and lecturers and get your feedback. Now these courses are specifically designed for students but should you want to participate, please register but leave a comment about your role at the university. We try to give you a seat, but please understand that we give students priority. But we will definitely be in touch to hear how we can provide you with a similar service.

      For general interests about the PTV Academic Programme, please use our contact form.

  • How long are the courses, do I have to attend the full course?
    • The courses are usually two half days, please check the registration form for details. Since each module builds on each other and we provide exercises and learning material during the course, we expect students to participate in the full course. Should you not be able to attend all sessions, please let us know which times you are unavailable in the registration form and we will see if we can provide you with material for self-studies beforehand to enable you to participate.

  • I cannot participate, will there be other occasions?
    • The listed courses are the only ones planned as a service for students.

  • I don't have a software license yet, how can I get one?
    • We provide free student versions of our mobility solutions to students. Please check PTV Academics for the download options. Our Academic Exercises are designed to work with the free student versions.

  • How can I join the Academic Exercise courses?
    • After registration and evaluation of your student status, we will notify you if you got a seat or are on the waiting list. All students who got accepted will receive the login data about a week before the course starts.

  • I don't want/cannot attend but like to receive the material
    • At this point, the example files, documents and additional training material is only shared with participants in the Academic Exercise courses. We haven't decided yet whether we host more of these courses or expand the University Programme in the future.

  • I have product questions or technical problems
    • For usage questions and topics related to the Academic Exercise, our trainers will during the course explain you how to submit them to us. We will compile all questions and share them with answers, tips & tricks to all participants. In some cases, we may be able to give individual help, but for general questions or technical problems, we kindly ask you to make use of our Product Support Options.

  • Can you recommend additional resources?
    • For general knowledge about transport modelling, there is great literature available but just to mention two:

      • Modelling Transport, 4th Editionby Juan de Dios Ortúzar and Luis G. Willumsen, ISBN: 978-0-470-76039-0
      • Transport Modelling for a Complete Beginner by Yaron Hollander, ISBN: 978-0995662407


      To learn more about PTVs mobility solutions:

      • PTVs Product Training Courses offer a deep insight in all features and best practices
      • PTV Vissim Knowledge base with Videos, Recorded Webinars and more
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    • Please use your valid student email address. Gmail or the like cannot be accepted.

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