TR-T0101 Visum Introduction

Short Description

You will learn how to handle the network objects and the processing of demand matrices. Moreover, operating various graphical analyses and evaluations is in the focus. We will acquaint you with the description of procedure sequences including the procedures for private transport assignment as well as a common procedure for public transport assignment. We will use the PTV Visum Scenario manager to illustrate how to construct a base scenario and multiple planning scenarios and how to work with these scenarios.

This course serves as the basis for any PTV Visum application and further training courses. Participation in this training course is required for future use of the Technical PTV Visum support service due to the maintenance contract.

Course Level


Target Group

The PTV Visum introductory course addresses to transport planners with academic professional knowledge in the fields of transport planning and engineering or with practical experience in traffic and transport expertises. To specialist engineers, this training course provides an introduction into the PTV Visum practice for efficient processing and evaluation of traffic studies by means of a standard software.


You are familiar with the standard Office software tools (MS-Excel, MS-Word,, LibreOffice) that run with the operating system MS-Windows. You are able to use a conventional text editor (Notepad, Editor, TextPad, Notepad ++, etc.) for data editing. According to your professional background or due to your practical experience you are well-grounded in the field of transport planning.


3 Days

Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of transport planning and to PTV Visum
  • PTV Visum network model - structure and processing. Explanation of network objects and correlation of basic elements
  • PTV Visum network check and validation
  • Network data import from third-party systems (e.g. shape file import)
  • PTV Visum graphic parameters – simple introduction

Day 2:

  • Assignment procedures – Modeling of route choice decisions for private transport
    • Volume-delay functions
    • Impedance functions
    • Assignment procedures in detail: Incremental assignment, Equilibrium assignment, Equilibrium assignment LUCE, Equilibrium_Lohse
    • Overview of further assignment procedures:
      Stochastic assignment, Dynamic User Equilibrium DUE, Dynamic stochastic assignment
  • Simple public transport assignment procedure for PuT demand segments
  • Scenario management (project definition)
    • Definition of the base application case
    • Generation of scenarios and description of the dependencies

Day 3:

  • PTV Visum presentation of the results
    • Graphical visualization of the assignment results as flow bundles, isochrones, turn volumes, or one of the difference display variants
    • Layout of maps and plans
    • Skim matrices and vectors: Travel time, travel distance, access and egress times
    • Matrix classification: Distributions of travel times and travel distances
  • Matrix correction by TFlowFuzzy
  • Skim value-based difference calculation for the assessment of the scenarios
  • Print output of the training course results

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