PTV Certified Trainer Programme

  • The PTV Certified Trainer programme trains industry professionals to deliver certified courses in the broad range of PTVs leading mobility software applications.

    This programme is especially suited for individuals seeking to strengthen their professional profile with documented expertise in PTVs software solutions to deliver trainings to colleagues and customers.

    To become a PTV Certified Trainer, applicants need to pass an admission test and attend a Certified Trainer Course at PTV headquarters in Germany. The course focuses on presentation and teaching skills, and it concludes in an oral exam.

  • Become a PTV Certified Trainer

    To become a PTV Certified Trainer, follow these steps:

  • Benefits of becoming a certified trainer
      • Exclusive license to train others to use PTVs world leading software solutions
      • Access to PTV’s training library
      • Access to official PTV Certificate templates
      • Support from the PTV training team
      • Global networking opportunities through our growing community of trainers
  • Who can become a certified trainer?
    • Professional PTV software users with a profound knowledge of their preferred software / module area and who have already acquired teaching experience, for example, with other user groups.

      You should however only apply for certification for those products you have the required experience and proficiency for. Ask yourself, if you feel comfortable teaching other professionals and reply to sometimes challenging questions. Even after your certification you can ask for an online exam to add more products later.

  • Which products can I get certified for?
    • Currently, PTV offers trainer certifications for the following software products:

      • PTV Visum
      • PTV Vissim
      • PTV Viswalk
      • PTV Vistro
      • PTV Optima
      • PTV Euska

      Should you be interested to get certified for another product, please contact our Product Training department.

  • Why should I become a PTV certified trainer?
    • The Certified trainer-certification is beneficial both for the trainer, their employer and customers:

      • It gives the trainer the confidence that he or she is experienced to provide the training.
      • For their employer it adds extra value to their service offering.
      • Customers can rely on to get a training of good quality with the latest training material.